Our Goals

Everyone has goals and we’re no different.  Our goals are hard to reach, but we will never give up on them.  Our belief in what we’re doing keeps us pushing forward, trying new things, challenging ourselves, and building ourselves towards something greater.  We invite you to be a part of this.  Believe in our goals, become a part of our mission, help us help others.  Let’s do this together.


Present Goals:

Our present goals are to help our community’s children in need, through fundraising events and donating.  Currently, we are planning several events, all of which are towards helping children in need.

Future Goals:

Our future goals are massive and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We want to build shelters/housing for kids who have aged out of the system who are still in school to still get support until they graduate and get a job.  (Once a child turns 18, they are cut off from resources and government funding/housing).  We want to provide somewhere where they can stay during that 6 month to a year period of their lives where support is crucial.  We will have on site tutoring, computer access for homework, cooking staff for daily meals, and more.  We will also have a rec room/kids center where kids can come during the day to be off the streets, to be watched and still have fun.