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My name is LeAugustus Hines.  I’m from Louisville KY but currently living in Lexington, Ky.  As I mature, my interest in Public Relations continues to expand.  Experiences in my own personal life, whether it be helping others, communicating with the general public as well as business relations contribute to that expansion.  The most important aspect for me is becoming a bigger part of our community.

              This position appealed to me due to my ability to talk to and be personable with anyone and everyone.  So many times, people have come up to me and said, I don’t get it, How is it you can talk to just anyone?  As a child, I learned that gift from my parents.  My parents are the type of people who would say anything to anyone at any given time.  I grew up to do the same thing, priding myself on the fact that talking to people about any subject was like second nature.

Recently, I had the pleasure of a sit down conversation with a colleague who wanted to ask me some very specific questions about my career choice.   My strengths include the ability to be able to speak and relate to anyone.  As an example, from a personal experience which turned into business networking, I was at the gym with a friend and we were having a discussion on approach-ability, which my friend does not excel in.  I explained that it’s just about finding that one thing to relate to.  I walked up to a random woman in the gym, asked her name, and mentioned the same conversation that my friend and I had been discussing as an example for him to see.  We started talking gym talk and it turned to baseball.  Come to find out, she was a manager for the legends baseball team and was looking to coordinate with some local charities for events for their players, who have to do community service.  I mentioned that currently, I am working with Partnering for Hope KY, a new nonprofit looking to shine.  We have collaborated since and will be working together soon.

My weaknesses are being too trusting and my excitement level at the prospect of new projects or situations, which could possibly cause a lack of focus.  I feel that when I talk to people, I see the good in them and have the best intentions for what they are about, even if it is not necessarily true of them.  I want the best for and from people and I am working towards being able to better recognize the real from the fake.  As far as excitement, it’s true of anyone that this is a good and a bad, because the excitement causes a temporary lapse in focus or production, but gets refocused soon after to complete the task at hand.  I love what I do and I feel strongly that my excitement and enthusiasm are true signs of the compassion I have for what I do.

The challenges I am looking forward to include being able to speak to people I never thought I’d have the opportunity to, such as corporate presidents, business owners, and media and celebrities.  I want the ability to prove that I am not just another face in the crowd.

The reasons I challenge myself provide the answer as to why I want to work public relations, to diversify my relations with people.  All of the reasons above, including my weaknesses, are the reasons a business should choose me.  My compassion for my work will ensure I rise to the challenge anytime it presents itself.  I am unique and I want to share my gift with everyone I meet.


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