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Mission Statement

The Mission of Partnering for Hope KY is to help underprivileged kids in need, whether that be at a children’s hospital, juvenile detention centers, even schools.

Partnering For Hope KY is a 501c3 certified Kentucky licensed non-profit organization that promotes literacy and giving hope to children of all ages and from all walks of life. We create long lasting relationships and teach kids never to give up on their dreams. Our goal as a non-profit is to spread happiness, joy, and hope to children in our local community. we would gladly give the clothes off our backs if it meant a brighter future for tomorrows youth and we hope to inspire young ones to look forward and to never give up.

Executive Staff


 Christopher Bryant | PRESIDENT/CEO

Native to Lexington, KY, Chris thrives on acquiring knowledge and is an advocate for continued learning and community activism. As the CEO of PFH-KY, he is dedicated to community outreach to foster individuals who, like him, want to give back to their great communities. Chris founded PFH-KY with the goal of aiding the youth in his community by creating a supportive resource of continued hope.

“They are our future. They need to know we believe in them as much as they believe in us.” – Chris Bryant



Juanita Gray Goode | VICE PRESIDENT

Single mother to three children, grandmother to two.  Juanita enjoys reading a good book, spending time with family, and Nonprofit fundraising.  She was born in Lexington, KY but has resided in Woodford Co. most of her life.  She hopes to be able to give back to kids in need.

“All of our children have much potential. and deserve a chance at life.”




Growing up in Kentucky, LeAugustus discovered his passion for motivating today’s youth to be goal-oriented and to have a positive outlook on life. Using PFH-KY as a platform, LeAugustus desires to spread positivity through its events and opportunities. With reference to the PFH-KY logo, LeAugustus believes that the more stars we put in the sky, the brighter the path will be for others to find their way. He wants today’s youth to know that their dreams are real and can be achieved.

“Speak to the largest mind in the room, one person gets it. Speak to the smallest mind in the room, and everyone gets it.” – LeAugustus Hines



Jay Stamper-Abner ACQUISITIONS

She currently lives in Lexington with her wonderful wife and is working towards a bachelors degree in Business Management. She was born and raised in Barbourville in a very rural area. She grew up with many children of families that struggled to make ends meet. Even as a child, it hurt her to see others that had to do without. She worked in Healthcare for 14 yrs, loves children and the feeling she gets by helping others.

“Try to be a rainbow in someones cloud” Maya Angelou



Keith Gray | MEDIA

Keith is a hardworking father, who shows unflinching dedication to any aspect of his life that he shows an interest in.  He is well known to work with up and coming music artists, comic artists, and even has his own radio show.  He chose to be a part of PFHKY because he feels with his media experience and background and the desire to help kids, his own daughter close in his mind, he could do a lot to give back.

“During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams”


Newly Added Board members:


Erick James | TREASURER 

Erick is a native of Kentucky and has 3 daughters. As a single father, he works very hard to ensure they have everything they need to be successful. He joined PFHKY because he knows there are many children that do not have access to the same resources as his own. He feels that he can reach out to them and help them as well, so that they may also achieve their dreams.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children” -Nelson Mandela




Born in Richmond, KY, I grew up between Tennessee and Berea KY, helping farm my mother’s as well as my grandparents properties. I’m the oldest of 22 grandchildren.  My life goal is to experience as much as there is to offer with my beautiful and amazing wife of 5 years.  I became part of PFHky to have a positive influence on and give smiles to as many children as I can.

“If ‘Plan A’ didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.”




  • Ryan Ranes
    Ryan Ranes
  • Christopher Bryant
    Christopher Bryant
  • Ryan on the radio
    Ryan on the radio
  • Christopher on the radio
    Christopher on the radio
  • Gus, Ryan, and Chris
    Gus, Ryan, and Chris
  • Ryan @ Noodles & Co.
    Ryan @ Noodles & Co.
  • Ryan @ Friends and Family Potluck
    Ryan @ Friends and Family Potluck
  • Speech time
    Speech time
  • Breakfast with Santa
    Breakfast with Santa
  • Chrysalis House
    Chrysalis House
  • Donating to UK Children's Hospital


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